National Bank issued new 1,000 tenge note to commemorate Kazakhstan's OIC chairmanship

09 июня 2011, 11:57
©The National Bank of Kazakhstan
©The National Bank of Kazakhstan
©The National Bank of Kazakhstan
©The National Bank of Kazakhstan
National Bank has issued a new one thousand tenge note on the occasion of Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), National bank's web-site reads.

The total of 10 million new 1,000s entered circulation on May, 25, 2011. The size of the note is 134 mm by 170 mm, its color is predominantly light green.

Khoja Ahmed Yasawi tomb's dome is depicted vertically in the central part of the front size of the banknote. The official OIC logo is in the left part, the nominal value of the banknote is in the bottom, state emblem and national flag are at the top of the banknote. Literal marking of the nominal value in Kazakh is printed in the top left part, a warning against forgery is printed in the right in the Kazakh language.

Khoja Ahmed Yasawi's tomb is depicted at the reverse side of the banknote. The nominal value of the banknote is printed in the center and in the bottom on the left and on the right. The warning against forgery in Russian is printed in the center of the bottom aprt under the digital nominal value of the banknote.

There are 57 states from Asia, Africa and Latin America in OIC. Kazakhstan will chair the organization starting from June 2011. The priority of Kazakhstan's chairmpanship will be to promote trade and economic relationships between member-countries of the OIC. The official emblem of Kazakhstan chairmanship was introduced at the meeting of the Foreign Ministers' Council on May, 3.

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