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Seals die in Mangistau oblast 11 мая 2011, 10:31

12 dead seals were found at the Caspian shore in Mangistau oblast.
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Photo courtesy of caspianenvironment.org Photo courtesy of caspianenvironment.org
12 dead seals were found at the Caspian shore in Mangistau oblast, KTK reports. It is suggested that the animals died because of oil operations at the Caspian shelf. Independent ecologists are currently working in the area. They will take samples from the bodies and study them to identify if they are contaminated by any toxic substances. The experts will be able to make exact conclusions only after the thanatopsy. “It could be excessive content of nitrogen or oil products intoxication, possibly hydrogen sulphide,” suggested the chief expert of ECO Mangistau Kirill Ossin. The seals have been dieing at the Caspian shores for the last ten years. The official reason of the animals' deaths is bad weather conditions and hardpad. Ecologists believe that the seals may be dieing because of operations in the Caspian oil fields.

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