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Adai horses win the race 23 мая 2011, 18:34

Kazakhstan presented a new breed, Adai horses, at the international arena for the first time.
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Kazakhstan presented a new breed, Adai horses, at the international arena for the first time, Tengrinews.kz reports from Central Asian Championship on horse distance tests. Compared to splendid Arab and Akhal-Teke horses, this small horse looks quite modest. However, Kazakhstan horse breeders consider it the country's national pride as, being a novice, the horse was among the leaders even at the first international tournament it was presented at. Adai horses took the first four prizes out of 16 horses participating in the tournament, while five Adai horses took part in the contest. Altyngali Bessemagambetov who rode an eight-year-old horse named Oily won the first place. The second prize was given to Amangeldy Mukaitbayev and his 18-year-old horse Akkanat and the third prize was awarded to Kaiyrzhan Andybai on a horse named Kertobel. The international judge Aleksandr Andriyevsky could not hide his astonishment: “I am amazed, this is a big surprise for me. These small, slim and short horses of Adai breed are leading our tournament.” The horses were brought from Mangistau and Atyrau oblasts, they traveled 4.5 thousand km. Horse breeders say that this breed is used to tough living conditions. Adai horses can eat very hard grass, cover long distances and endure very hot weather of up 60 degrees Centigrade above zero. What's even more unusual is that they drink salty water from the Caspian Sea and can survive long periods of time without water. "I can easily say that Adai horses have no equals in the world. Earlier attempts were made to import Russian Don horses, fine harness horses and other pure-blooded breeds into this region, but none of them survived in herd conditions, while Adai horses did. Last year they survived dry summer and severe winter and despite that they are all safe and sound and have given birth to colts,” said the Head of horse breeding department of Kazakhstan R&D Institute of Cattle Breeding and Fodder Production Gregory Sizonov. As per the judge Aleksandr Andriyevsky, the next tournament of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) cup will be held in Russia close to Ryazan in the end of July 2011. Kazakhstan team has been invited to take part. By Galiya Kaliyeva
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