Extinct steppe cheetah was found in Aral

05 октября 2011, 12:12
Photo courtesy of zoopicture.ru
Photo courtesy of zoopicture.ru
An extinct steppe cheetah has been seen in a desert near the Aral Sea, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Express-K. Russian travelers shot the predator on a mobile phone camera.

“We were absolutely astonished. At first we thought that this was a caracal – a desert lynx. But then we realized that it was a larger predator. The cheetah easily left behind our Volkswagen Tuaregs despite the fact we drove at a sixty kilometers an hour. We simply weren't able to drive any faster, we were afraid of turning over on the bumpy road. Later, when we analyzed the video from our mobile phone, we realized that this was a cheetah,” Yevgeny Dyakonov, the traveler said.

One more Russian traveler, Natalya Kalentyeva said that she saw huge cat-like trails everywhere at Barsakelmes island, at the Aral Sea. According to Arsen Kiyanov, Candidate of Science in Biology, a small steppe cheetah population remained intact in Turkmenistan territory. “It is possible that some animals have migrated. Cheetah was considered extinct more than one hundred years ago in Kazakhstan,” he added.

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