East Kazakhstan oblast tagged most polluted in Kazakhstan

15 мая 2011, 13:04
East Kazakhstan oblast tagged most polluted in Kazakhstan - Photo courtesy of aif.ru
Photo courtesy of aif.ru
East Kazakhstan oblast has been tagged the most polluted region of Kazakhstan, according to Exclusive magazine. Pavlodar oblast was tagged the least polluted region of Kazakhstan.

Here is the ranking of Kazakhstan regions:

1. East Kazakhstan oblast
2. Akmola oblast
3. Zhambyl oblast
4. Almaty city
5. South Kazakhstan oblast
6. Kostanai oblast
7. Astana city
8. Kyzylorda oblast
9. Almaty oblast
10. West Kazakhstan oblast
11. North Kazakhstan oblast
12. Mangistau oblast
13. Atyrau oblast
14. Aktobe oblast
15. Karaganda oblast

The main substances polluting the atmosphere are hydrocarbons vaporizing from oil sumps, oil spills and processing equipment. Nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and soot are emitted during gas flaring in flares, furnaces and turbo compressors.

The rating was made based on six parameters: volume of disposed polluting substances; emissions from stationary sources; discharges of liquid and gaseous polluting substances; discharges of solid polluting substances; emissions from stationary sources per capita.

In the world ecological rating Kazakhstan is on the 92nd place and ahead of South Korea.

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