Agriculture Ministry eyes ban on saxaul cutting in Kazakhstan

15 октября 2012, 12:04
Saxaul bushes. ©RIA Novosti
Saxaul bushes. ©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan's Ministry of Agriculture is going to ban cutting of saxaul throughout the whole country, Yerlan Nyssanbayev, chairman of Forestry and Hunting Committee said during the Ministry’s panel session, reports.

“We are planning to impose a ban of saxaul cutting not only in Zhambyl oblast, but in all other oblasts of Kazakhstan in order to strengthen the protection of saxaul growing stock. New saxaul bushes will be planted at 30,000 hectares in the southern regions of Kazakhstan. This year the plan will be fulfilled to the full extent,” Yerlan Nyssanbayev said during the penal session.

According to him, poor efficiency of previous saxaul plantings is another reason for planting new saxaul bushes. But to make this happen the Forestry has to revitalize the forest nurseries located in Zhambyl oblast. “Saxaul forest reproduction has grown slightly in recent years, but this is still not fast enough. Analysis of forest reproduction and losses to wild fires, injurious organism (insects), tree diseases and illegal cutting showed that the growth of the forest plantation is still insignificant,” he said.

According to the head of the Committee, 17 thousand hectares out of 57 thousand hectares -- 30% -- of imported forest plantation died in the past five years. 2,000 hectares out of 7,000 hectares is siblings planted in 2011 died this year.

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