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Weather caused an emergency in south Kazakhstan 14 января 2013, 14:09

Residents of several regions of South-Kazakhstan Oblast and Kyzylorda Oblast have lost power, heating and water.
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Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry
Bad weather and wind has caused an emergency in the south of Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. According to Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry, residents of Shakpakata village of Zhualyn region, Talas region and a big part of Saryssu region of Zhambyl oblast have lost electricity because of the strong wind. Operations of the central boiler house of Karatau town have been suspended. "The 60m-long concrete chimney collapsed into the area of the 5th (reserve) and 6th (main) water-heating boilers. All users of the heating services of the central boiler house of Karatau were cut off from the heating. Natural gas is the main fuel and black mineral oil is the reserve one," the message states. Besides, the blackout caused suspension of the central water supply and communications networks in the emergency situation area. Visibility is zero at the section of kilometers 536-593 of the Almaty-Tashkent highway, including at Kuyuk and Shakpak mountain crossings in Zhualyn region. The local road Momyshuly-Koshkarata is snowbound and has been closed for traffic. The road from Aisha-bibi post to the border of South-Kazakhstan oblast is closed as well. Rescue team of the State Rescue Service have been dispatched to the accident site on cross-country vehicles, as well as a Civil Defense regiment and several crews from other state authorities. All available special vehicles have been mobilized. Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry's aviation is on high alert. Citizens of South-Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda oblast have suffered badly from stormy weather. The wind ripped off roofs and shattered windows in 11 schools, 3 kindergartens, 2 village administrations and 1 hospital in Sozak region of South-Kazakhstan oblast. There have been reports that private houses were also damaged. Several power line poles were brought down and the electricity was cut. Besides, several yards were flooded after abundant rain in Zhylga village of Saryagash region. According to the domestic policy department of the oblast's administration, 30 transformer plants were damaged by the wind in Kyzylorda. Citizens of Astana, Saulet, Akmechet, Merey, KBI, Shankhai regions and the villages of Gagarin and Communism were left without electricity. 23 crews of 4-5 electricians each are currently working in the city. The situation is under control of the city's authorities. Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry has held an emergency meeting of the inter-authority state commission on the situation in South Kazakhstan. A crisis center has formed up. "Several instructions were made in relation to mobilization of additional vehicles, restoration of communication networks, power supply, cleaning the roads and railroads, enhancement efficiency of measures to close dangerous roads for traffic and maintainpublic order. The meeting also covered evacuation from the accident sites," the message states.

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