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Two-seat helicopter crashes in Kazakhstan 27 мая 2015, 21:16

A two-seat helicopter has crashed in Almaty Oblast near Taldykurgan in southern Kazakhstan.
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Photo © Tengrinews.kz Photo © Tengrinews.kz

A two-seat helicopter has crashed in Almaty Oblast near Taldykurgan city in southern Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing the head of the regional Department of Emergency Situations Sabit Bitayev.

According to preliminary reports, the pilot died in the crash. The helicopter was piloted by Zhanaidar Yeginbayev, 64. The accident happened at around noon on May 27.  The aircraft crashed in Koksu District near a road construction site.

A rescue team and law enforcement personnel are working at the accident site. The Department of Emergency Situation has not released the official version of the accident, but according to preliminary information the helicopter hit a high voltage line. 

The regional emergency situations department confirmed the death of Zhanaidar Yeginbayev. He was flying the ELA 07S two-seater alone, making a flyover of the road being constructed in the area.

Zhanaidar Yeginbayev, a mechanical engineer, was a formed Maslikhat Deputy (member of local administration) where he had severed two terms. He was married and had three kids. 

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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