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Сrashed plane сrew warned of bad weather twice 31 января 2013, 14:51

The crew of the Challenger-200 airplane that crashed near Almaty was warned about bad weather conditions twice before they took-off from Kokshetau airport.
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Challenger-200. Photo courtesy of 24.kz Challenger-200. Photo courtesy of 24.kz
The crew of the Challenger-200 airplane that crashed near Almaty was warned about bad weather conditions in Almaty airport twice before they took-off in Kokshetau airport, 24.kz reports. According to the main official version, the bad weather was the main reason of the crash that claimed lives of 21 people. The meteorologists of KazAeroService warned the crew of the weather forecast twice. The first message was received by the crew 1.5 hours before the flight. The forecast said that horizontal visibility in the area was 600 meters and vertical one was 10 times less then that. The pilots could see the runway strip through the fog only at the height of 60 meters. The meteorologists also warned that the for could become even heavier. The second weather forecast was transmitted to the crew 15 minutes before the flight. According to Vice-President of KazAeroService Gulsagida Dzhigitcheyeva, they expected a freezing fog and visibility of 800 meters that reduced to 200 meters in places. Vertical visibility was expected to be 30 meters. Light snow was forecasted as well. The decision to take-off or cancel the flight is normally made by the pilot-in-chief. Vladimir Yevdokimov decided to make the flight. Kokshetau airport confirmed that the flight was delayed by one hour. During the flight the crew received an update on the weather in Almaty for the third time. A heavy fog was still there and the runway lights would have been visible only 30 meters before the ground. Almaty airport is the only III B category airport in CIS. This means that the airport is able to receive aircraft amid vertical visibility of 75 meters. For this reason the dispatcher did not allow the landing for the plane from Kokshetau and the aircraft had to turn around. On January 29 the Bombardier airplane owned by Scat airline crashed 7km from Almaty airport during its second attempt to land. According to the prosecutors, the plane was performing a Kokshetau-Almaty flight. The accident claimed lives of 5 crew members and 16 passengers including a 2 year old child.

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