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Residents offered compensation for house that tumbled into crater 08 апреля 2014, 19:01

Residents of the house, which fell into a crater in the mining town Ridder, Kazakhstan will be given two apartments as a compensation.
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Kazzinc company will give two apartments to the residents of the house, which fell into a crater in Ridder town in northeastern Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing Vice President of Kazzink LLP Andrey Lazarev.

The incident occurred in the area of Sokolsky-Ridder mine on April 4. A young woman with a child and her stepfather were the residents of the ill-fated house. To compensate for their loss, they were offered two apartments: a single-bedroom apartment and a two-bedroom  apartment. According to Lazarev, the new housing will be completed with furniture and household appliances.

As for the other homes in the risk zone, the issue has not been completely resolved yet. Residents of some 14 private houses have been temporarily accommodated in Kazzinc's holiday center. They were promised a financial compensation of 200,000 tenge ($1100) by the company.

Lazarev added that compensation would be given to the residents of 60 homes located in a relatively safe area as well. On the day of the incident the entire area was cordoned off, preventing the residents from getting back home. These people will be paid 100,000 tenge ($550). Lazarev added that the issue of repairing their damaged property or replacing it with apartments will also be dealt with shortly.

Meanwhile, mining experts studied the area and made a statement that there was no threat of any new cavings in the area and the residents were allowed to return home.

The 110 meter-deep 50X50m crater that engulfed a whole house in one piece days earlier is still being filled with concrete.

A criminal case under the article “Violation of safety rules of mining operations entailing serious consequences” was initiated with respect to the collapsed house. And a check into the operations in the Sokolsky-Ridder mine were commenced. 

Ridder-Sokolsky mine is owned by Altyn Tau-Vostok JSC, a subsidiary of KazZinc LLP, a large Kazakhstani mining company that has 6 mines and several smelters, and produces zinc, lead and copper, and has interests in gold and silver mining.

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