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Pictures of AN-72 before the crash 28 декабря 2012, 11:27

A selection of pictures of the AN-72 airplane that crashed near Shymkent in south Kazakhstan on December 25.
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November 1, 2012. Photo courtesy of russianplanes.net November 1, 2012. Photo courtesy of russianplanes.net
The AN-72 military plane owned by the Border Control Service of Kazakhstan National Security Commission crashed near Shymkent in south Kazakhstan on December 25. The crash claimed lives of all 27 people onboard: the crew members and the border control officers, including acting director of the Border Control Service colonel Turganbek Stambekov with his wife. Kazakhstan experts are investigating into the reasons of the crash. On December 27 they started decrypting the black box that was found intact at the accident site. Besides, the experts are studying the 2-hectare area (20 thousand square meters) of the plane crash. AN-72 aircraft was designed by Antonov experimental design office and was manufactured by the aviation plant in Kharkov. This is a light military short take-off and landing jet aircraft. There are several modifications of the plane, including a civil one. According to the registrar of AN-72 planes, the one that crashed near Shymkent was AN-72P, a patrol aircraft with gun armament. AN-72s are considered very reliable in the aviation world. Only 9 accidents have happened among 121 planes (manufactured from 1982 to 1993), while a full destruction of an AN-72 aircraft has happened only twice, with the crash in South-Kazakhstan oblast being one of them. The crash near Shymkent has been the biggest accident by number of victims. The majority of the accidents with AN-72 are related to emergency landings, but not human victims. AN-72 is will adapted for operations in bad weather conditions, with minimum requirements to quality and length of runways. It can land even on plain ground or ice. According to the information published on Russianplanes.net five AN-72 aircrafts had been in use in Kazakhstan before the accident. Two of them were used by the Border Control Service. Another two are owned by Kazakhstan Air Defense Forces and one is a property of KazAirJet. The website also has ten pictures of the AN-72 before the tragedy. Two pictures show the VIP-section of the aircraft and the others show the plane itself. The pictures were taken by different photographers and some of them, according to the comments, we made secretly. The first seven pictures were made in Kiev and the remaining three were taken in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

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