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PHOTO: Police and military troops surrounded a region in Aktau 11 ноября 2011, 13:14

Region 22 has been surrounded by heavily armed militarymen and police in Aktau.
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©Igor Nesterov/lada.kz ©Igor Nesterov/lada.kz
Region 22 was surrounded by heavily armed militarymen and police in Aktau, Lada writes. Residents of the region cannot get to their offices, schools and homes. Only Emergency Department, police and armored vehicles are allowed to pass through the cordons. According to the website, all high-ranking police officers have gathers in the area. According to the preliminary information, a high school is the center of the operation. Interior Department declines to comment on the situation. “According to some information, joint training of police, National Security Department and interior security troops may be held in region 22,” Lada reports.

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