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Kazakhstan sent international investigation request to Ukraine over AN-72 crash 24 января 2013, 15:16

Kazakhstan has sent an international investigation request to Ukraine asking it to investigate into the zero-time reconditioning of the AN-72 plane performed shortly before the crash.
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AN-72 aircraft. Photo courtesy of donbiz.ru AN-72 aircraft. Photo courtesy of donbiz.ru
An international investigation request has been sent to Ukrainian law-enforcement authorities in relation to the crash of AN-72 military plane, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the official representative of Kazakhstan General Prosecutor’s Office Nurdaulet Suindikov. “The materials collected by the investigation certify that a combination of the following key circumstances caused the crash of AN-72 aircraft: malfunctioning of the plane's avionics (failure of the autopilot and radio altimeter; malfunctioning of barometric altimeters); piloting mistakes of the pilot-in-command (Terrain Awareness and Warning System was not turned on; passing the aircraft control to the assistant pilot (prohibited when transporting passengers); failure to set Shymkent airport’s pressure on barometric altimeter (huge error margin); complicated weather conditions (snow with rain, freezing fog, poor visibility, severe icing). These conclusions of the investigation are confirmed by the statement of the Commission for the crash investigation,” Suindikov said. “In relation to the discovered listed above failures and malfunctioning of the avionics, an international investigation request was sent on January 4 to the law-enforcement authorities of Ukraine, where the aircraft’s zero-time reconditioning was made in 2012. The request contains questions about the aircraft’s repair process, questions about the scope and the quality of the works performed to replace blocks, parts and units,” he said. Suindikov noted that the investigation was still continuing. The authorities will make a legal evaluation of the actions of the ground forces and the command of the military unit that the aircraft was attached to, to make sure that flight preparation rules were observed. Besides, he said that the AN-72's engines were working until the plane hit the ground and the chassis were extended. “The analysis of the pilots’ conversations showed that the landing was going normal, without any panic or anxiety, the slope of the ravine came unexpected for the crew in the last seconds of the flight,” Suindikov said. The AN-72 military plane of the Border Control Service of Kazakhstan National Security Commission crashed on December 25. The plane had 7 crew members and 20 militarymen onboard, including the acting head of the Border Control Service of Kazakhstan National Security Commission Turganbek Stambekov. Stambekov wife Saule was also onboard.

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