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Emergency should be declared in Kazakhstan over the series of suicides: psychologist 14 июня 2013, 17:15

An emergency situation has to be declared in Kazakhstan over the increased number of suicide in the country: Anna Kudiyarova.
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Photo courtesy of vesti.kz Photo courtesy of vesti.kz
Director of Psychoanalysis Institute Anna Kudiyarova believes that a state of emergency should be declared in Kazakhstan over the recent surge of suicides in the country, Tengrinews.kz reports. Kudiyarova called the recent wave of suicides an epidemic. Kazakhstan is experiencing a series of strange suicides that seem to be connected: the age of the suiciders range from 15 to 30, they all jump from high places and in case of double suicides (which are many) the couples hold hands during the jump. In one of the duo suicide cases people who knew the jumpers said that they were planing the suicide and were part of an internet community of young suiciders. There is a wide spread opinion in Kazakhstan that reports about the suicides in the media only make things worse as they prod people to copy them. But Kudiyarova believes that publications in the media do not have any effects on the suicides frequency. “People do not jump off balconies because someone else did that,” she said. Increasing the quantity and improving the quality of psychological aide and suicide preventive work is a keep to healing the situation, Kudiyarova said. Activists started pointing at schools needed psychologists to be part of their staff 13 years ago. “Yes, we have them in schools now. But what can one psychologist per 500 students do? Besides, we need to pay more attention to the psychologists' education quality. Theory and lectures are not enough for them to successfully do their jobs, they should have clinical practice,” Kudiyarova said. Yelena Stankina, psychologist of the Scientific Suicidology Department of the National Scientific-Practical Psychiatry, Psychiatry and Narcology Center believes that excessive attention of the media to suicides draws is unwanted. “TV shows often show to much details and give to clear explains about how the suicides are committed, they are like a suicide textbook. We should not show such things to public,” Stankina said. According to her, the Center performs a lot of work to prevent suicides: it holds different seminars and master classes. Stankina believes that every case of suicide is different should should be viewed individually and has its own story and causes. An unidentified psychological pathology or family problems could be among them. “Everything depends on the person’s character, how he or she reacts to things happening to him. They cases should not be generalized,” Stankina said. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported about a wave of suicides that swept through Kazakhstan recently. The first double suicide of this series happened on May 28 when two teenagers jumped off a roof of a 12-storey building in Almaty. A similar episode happened in the morning of June 11 in Temirtau town in Karaganda oblast when a couple jumped off a window of their fifth floor apartment. Later the same day a young married couple jumped off a fifth floor balcony of a multi-storey building in Aksu. The series continued on June 12 with a suicide of a 15-y.o. girl. On June 7 a 19-y.o. student from Uralsk hung herself allegedly because of poor results of a university exams in the university. A young woman jumped off a window on the 5th floor after a fight with her husband in Taldykorgan on June 12. The next day a citizen of Ust-Kamenogorsk set himself on fire and jumped off a window of the 9th floor for unidentified reasons. On June 13 two young people attempted to jump off a roof of a 10-storey building in Pavlodar. The police received a message about the two young men threatening to jump off a roof of a multi-storey building. Two emergency teams were dispatched to the site. “Head of Pavlodar oblast Interior Department General-Major Sultan Kussetov managed to convince the men to go down,” Alma Mussabekova of the Department’s press-service said. According to the witnesses, the young men spent around one hour on the roof refusing to come down. “They screamed that they worked in some construction company that allegedly did not pay them. They said they had nothing to live on and they could loose their apartment because of mortgage debts. They said these were reasons why they decided to commit the suicide,” the witnesses said. According to the World Health Organization Kazakhstan is ranked third in the world by the number of suicides committed by young people with over 250 cases a year.

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