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Construction site accident in Astana, 18 injured 25 апреля 2014, 17:49

18 people have been injured in an accident at the Korkem construction site in Astana, Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of the Emergency Situations Department Photo courtesy of the Emergency Situations Department

18 people have been injured in an accident at Korkem construction site in Astana today, Tengrinews reports citing the Department of Emergency Situations of the capital of Kazakhstan.

On April 25th at 08:57 a.m., a section of the sites' metalwork and several metal sheets broke-down and fell trapping several workers under the debris. The site is an apartment building construction.  

When the rescuers arrived they found four people under the destroyed frames and construction rubble. They managed to rescue all of them with the help of other construction workers employed at the site.

The construction workers restored stability of the building's metal structures and reinforced them. They also fastened back in place the metal sheets that were hanging by a thread from the building and threatening to injure more people. 

Paramedics with five ambulances were working at the site helping the injured construction workers. Two witnesses of the accident experienced a bad shock and also required medical aid and psychological counseling. 25 other shocked witnesses had to be checked by doctors as well.

“9 injured (construction workers) were brought to the Emergency Medical Services Center. They were examined by emergency physicians, surgeons and traumatologists. 5 patients are in a satisfactory conditions and have been discharged from the hospital for out-patient treatment. 2 patients were transferred to the neurosurgery department of the Central Railway Hospital and other 2 patients were transferred to the polytrauma department of the 1st Municipal Hospital of Astana,” Dr. Ruslan Botaev told Tengrinews.

The rest of the injured construction workers were hospitalized to the 1st Municipal Hospital of Astana, but the hospital's doctors refuse to give any details about their condition for now.

According to the Astana Emergency Department the total of 11 out of the 18 injured construction workers were taken to hospitals. 7 of them were discharged after medical tests were made.

It its statement Aibyn Kurlys JSC, the developer company that is constructing Korkem residential complex in Astana, said that it was the scaffolding that broke-down and fell, not a section of the building's metal structure. However, this does not explain where the metal sheets and construction debris that buried the four workers came from.

The company promised to compensate the workers and their families for the injuries: "All the injured and their families will get the required financial aid," it said.

Aibyn Kurlys examined the accident site and made a statement that no obvious violations of occupational safety and health rules were made at the construction site. "The scaffolding that fell was new and had a valid quiality certificate. All the personnel involved in the construction works completed the training required to qualify for facade works."

Reporting by Altynai Zhumzhumina, writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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