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Airplane crashes in Kyzylorda oblast 03 июля 2013, 11:35

An AN-2 aircraft crashed during fertilizing of ф rice field in Kyzylorda oblast in southern Kazakhstan.
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At the crash site. Photo courtesy of press-service of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Department© At the crash site. Photo courtesy of press-service of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Department©
An AN-2 aircraft crashed during fertilizing of a rice field in Kyzylorda oblast in southern Kazakhstan, the website of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry writes. The accident happened in Shagan village at around 08:00 p.m. on June 28. The aircraft (Alfa-0190) hit the ground and caught fire. The crash claimed the life of the pilot Sergey Kopelash, born in 1969, and the second pilot Valeriy Silavol was taken to the hospital. The plane was owned by Asia AviaContinental Airlines. The fire was quenched 3 hours after the accident. The operation involved 16 people and 4 vehicles. Later Vice-President of the company Rushiddin Kichikov said Tengrinews.kz that the aircraft was well maintained. According to him, insufficient height gain by one of the pilots is a most probable cause of the fatal accident. “The preliminary version is that the pilot failed to gain enough height to make a turn,” Kichikov said. The AN-2 was manufactured in 1986. It was last repaired in 2002. “Its engine was maintained every year. The frame is was maintained every 5-6 years depending on the coating condition,” Kichikov said. According to him, the crew had no complains about the plane’s condition. The last maintenance was made shortly before the plane took off on June 28. The company’s representative said that the pilot’s family will receive insurance payments. The company will also pay them up to 1 million tenge ($6.7 thousand) in compensation. “We will help in every way we can as this was our man. There are rules that shall be observed,” Kichikov said. The second pilot will be discharged from the hospital soon. He had a leg injury. “We have already visited him. He was lucky. The captain was not that lucky, his body got jammed in the aircraft,” the company’s Vice-President said. A criminal case was initiated after the crash of the aircraft, KazTAG reports citing the press-service of the Main Transport Prosecutor’s Office. “Kyzylorda Interior Department has initiated a criminal case for violation of safety rules and the rules for exploitation of the air transport causing death by inadvertence,” the prosecutors wrote. An investigat group is working at the accident site. Members of the commission on investigation of air accident of Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications, as well as employees of the Interior Department are also expected at the site. According to the prosecutors, Sergey Kapilazh, the aircraft commander, was a citizen of Uzbekistan. Forensic tests have been scheduled for him. “Another pilot, Silavol Valeriy, is a citizen of Kazakhstan. He is currently conscious in the hospital. His condition is stable,” the message said.

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