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Accident at Zhambyl-Shymkent line causes power supply limitation in north Kyrgyzstan 15 января 2013, 13:59

Emergency at Zhambyl-Shymkent power line of Central-Asian 'power ring' weakened reliability of the joint power system of Central Asia.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti
This week's accident at Zhambyl-Shymkent line has resulted in limited energy supplies in north of Kyrgyzstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. The press-service of Kyrgyzstan National Electric Lines announced that the emergency blackout in Kazakhstan energy system on Zhambyl-Shymkent power line that is part of Central-Asian 'power ring' "weakened reliability of the joint power system of Central Asia". In this relation, limitations in energy supplies have been introduced in north Kyrgyzstan. The energy is supplied to the northern part of Kyrgyz power system via Toktogulskaya Power Plant-Frunzenskaya high-voltage line (500 kW) and 220kW bridge lines. Steps have been taken to increase load on Bishkek Thermal Power Plant to 250 MW. "In relation to the lowering of the energy supply capacity in the north of Kyrgyz energy system, introduction of limitations is possible in Talas, Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Chu oblasts and Bishkek. Kazakhstan energy experts are looking for reasons that caused the line's blackout," the press-service of Kyrgyzstan National Electric Lines writes.

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