Divers searching for missing MI-8 in Alakol lake

27 ноября 2012, 13:10
Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev©
Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev©
Divers are taking part in the search for the missing MI-8 helicopter with 8 people on board in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing head of press-service of Almaty oblast Emergency Situations Department Zhanat Sembayev.

“Water-rescue services of Almaty oblast Emergency Situations Department are checking the shore line between Akchi village and the southern shore of Alakol lake on two boats. They have special equipment and diving gear,” the expert said.

He added that the search also involves 3 helicopters. Two of them are owned by KazAviaSpas and Usharal near-border service of Kazakhstan National Security Commission. They are checking the area between Dzhungar Alatau mountain range and Kabanbai village. Another helicopter owned by Euro-Asia Air if flying over the area from Dostyk station to southern shore of Alakol lake. According to the Department, the weather is clear, but windy.

According to the authority, the rescue works on November 26 did not yield much results. “We checked the area from Dostyk station to south-eastern shore of Alakol lake, however a detailed survey could not be performed because of limited visibility. We checked the pipeline at the territory of East-Kazakhstan oblast, along the feet of Dzhungar mountains to Yrgaity crossing, then to all gorges, including Sarybokter and Selty areas to the border with China,” the message states.

The helicopter took off on November 24 at 08.30 to fly over the Usharal-Dostyk section of the Atasu – Alashankow oil pipeline. At 12.30 the same day the contact with the helicopter was lost.

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