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3-y.o. boy survives fall from 5th floor in Shymkent 14 августа 2014, 16:19

A 3-year-old boy survived a fall out of a fifth-floor window in Shymkent, southern Kazakhstan.
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Snapshot from the  video ©otyrar.kz Snapshot from the video ©otyrar.kz

A 3-year-old boy has fallen out of a fifth-floor window and survived in the city of Shymkent in southern Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing Otyrar.kz.

The incident occurred on August 10 in the Northern District of Shymkent. 

The child landed on a roof of the first-floor shop. A passer-by  heard the baby crying and called the rescue service.

The rescuers climbed onto the roof and lowered the boy to the ground in a soft stretcher, ambulance doctors took over from there.

The kid was taken to the hospital. “The child is in severe condition in an intensive care unit. He got a catatrauma (a trauma caused by the fall), closed traumatic brain injury, cerebral contusion and multiple abrasions on the face and body,” deputy chief physician of the regional children's hospital Bolat Nuskabayev is quoted as saying by Otyrar.kz.

The accident occured when the 30-y.o. mother of Diaz went to a nearby store leaving here son home with two other children aged 5 and 8 for only 30 minutes.

“My son likes to look out of the window at the passing cars. The elder children told me that that day Diaz folded several blankets in a heap, climbed on top of them, opened the window and leaned onto the mosquito net, “ the mother of Diaz said.

"I will never leave my children alone again. God forbid, the elder children could have tried to save Diaz, jumping after him. He (Diaz) is small, lightweight, branches of the trees and the roof saved him. I think we should move from the fifth floor apartment to a private house," the tearful woman said after the accident.


To reduce the rick of children falling out of windows, please make sure that windows are difficult to access by moving furniture away from windows and installing window guards or locks.

Never rely on window nets, because they do not prevent a child from falling out of a window. Moreover, the child feels safe behind them and usually leans on both the window and the net.

If there are windows that can be opened from both top and bottom, make a habit of opening only the top to avoid accidental falls. 

And the most important is to make sure that children are always supervised.

By Assel Satubaldina


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