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Bookcrossing bird houses in Almaty parks: borrow your escape to wonderland 13 августа 2014, 10:57

Bird houses for bookcrossing have been installed in parks of Almaty, a large southern city of Kazakhstan.
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Borrow a book and share your own. Photo © Vladimir Prokopenko Borrow a book and share your own. Photo © Vladimir Prokopenko

“Bird houses” for bookcrossing have been installed in parks of Almaty, Tengrinews reports.

First bookcrossing “bird houses” were installed in the 28 Panfilovcev park. The project aims to foster reading among the youth in the parks of the city. The “bird houses” have a range of books in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. The genres vary from classics to foreign novels and children books. The “bird houses” are designed so that the books are safe from humidity and any other unfavorable weather conditions.

“It is not a new idea. It is widely used in the Western countries. (…) When I go for a walk in parks, I notice that young people are not communicating with each other and mostly just buried in their smartphones. That is why we decided to remind our young people about the importance of reading and selfdevelopment. We decided to start bookcrossing. Our “bird houses” have a variety of literature. I think, everyone can find something interesting there. We hope that young people who relax in the parks would read,” Sanzhar Bokayev of the Almaty Akimat (Municipal Authirties) said.

According to Bokayev, five or six more similar “bird houses” will be installed in parks of Almaty. The bookcrossing “bird houses” will be taken down in winter with the first snow. The Akimat of the city would then analyze the results of the project. If the results are positive, then the “bird houses” will return to the parks of the city in the next season.

Volunteers will be working near the “bird houses” to explain and help with bookcrossing. The organizers of the project are ready to face the people who are not willing to return books back to the “bird houses”. “We cannot just ignore it. That is why we have to work on this issue,” Bokayev said.

An Almaty resident Gulnara Karymsakova was among the first to borrow a book from the “bird house”.
“It is a very unusual campaign for our city. We have to try something new all the time and make it a better experience. (...) I think, that young people should be reading some cheerful literature. The most important thing is for literature to incite goodness in people. There are books that one has to return later. Every book has its time. These kind of “bird houses” are really great things for reading,” Karymsakova said.

Reporting by Vladimir Prokomenko, writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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