Nazarbayev to attend "Chernobyl events" Nursultan Nazarbayev will go to Kiev to attend events devoted to the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster.
18 апреля 2011
PHOTO: Train run into a car;3 people killed 3 dead and 2 injured in an accident at a railway crossing in Zhambyl oblast. A train run into a car.
29 марта 2011
Japan nuclear plant situation 'unpredictable' "The current situation is still very unpredictable. We're working to stop the situation from worsening," Naoto Kan said.
25 марта 2011
Big fire at car service station in Astana Fire was raging in Astana at the area of 1500 square meters. A car service station, a two-story cottage and 4 cars were on fire.
25 марта 2011
Body of Kazakh pilot still unidentified in Congo Body of a Kazakh pilot killed in a plane crash in Congo is still unidentified.
24 марта 2011
Gasoline tank truck fell into a ditch in Almaty 17-ton gasoline tank truck has fallen into a hole in the middle of the road in Almaty. 200 litters of gasoline spilled.
19 марта 2011
Seoul to evacuate Koreans if Japan crisis worsens South Korea says iit would mobilise military aircraft and vessels to evacuate its nationals if Japan's nuclear crisis worsens.
18 марта 2011
Almaty is warned of possible earthquake March 18-20 Almaty might experience magnitude 2 earthquakes between March 18 and March 20.
13 марта 2011
Freezing temperatures hurt crops in Kazakhstan 10% of winter wheat have frozen in Aryssk region of South Kazakhstan Olbast. Almost half of winter crops have frozen in parts of Zhambyl Oblast.
04 марта 2011
13 people rescued from snowdrifts in Almaty and Atyrau oblasts In Almaty oblast two cars got caught in a snowdrift, a Tengrinews.kz journalist reports. All the 8 people have been rescued.
28 февраля 2011

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