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Rakhat Aliyev trial in Vienna postponed 26 января 2015, 19:48

The trial on murder-related charges against the former son-in-law of Kazakhstan's President has been postponed in Vienna.
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Rakhat Aliyev. Photo courtesy of azattyq.org Rakhat Aliyev. Photo courtesy of azattyq.org

The trial of Kazakh tycoon Rakhat Aliyev in Vienna is being postponed, Tengrinews reports Wiener Zeitung. Rakhat Aliyev himself still pleads not guilty and claims the case against him is has been fabricated.

The delay is related to parallel developments concerning the former chairman of the Security Committee of Kazakhstan Alnur Musayev, who is involved in the same case as a co-denfencent. Along with Aliyev he is suspected of abduction and murder of two Kazakhstani bankers.

Musayev has filed an objection to the indictment presented by the Viennese Public Prosecutor's Office and the Vienna Regional Court for Criminal Cases now needs to assess it.   

According to Christina Salzborn, a representative of the Vienna Court, it is for the highest appellate court to decide on the charges now. "The entire file contents will now be forwarded to the Court of Appeal where a Senate must deal with it," she said.

The court representative did not specify how long it will take for the appeals court to make the decision. But the trial cannot be scheduled until there is a decision. So, the hearings are not going to start in late March - early April as was initially expected.

Rakhat Aliyev was arrested in Vienna on June 5, 2014. Later, the murder charges were pressed by the european justice against the fugitive tycoon from Kazakhstan. He denies being in any way involved in the murder of two top managers of Nurbank Zholdas Timraliyev and Aybar Khasenov.

In Kazakhstan, Aliyev was sentenced in absentia to 40 years in prison for abduction, murder, preparing a coup d’etat and treason. Austria refused to extradite the former ambassador to Kazakhstan.

Writing by Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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