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Kazakh man who tapped policewoman in Dubai handed prison term for 'molestation' 25 мая 2015, 10:38

A Kazakh man has been handed out a three-month sentence for molestation of a policewoman in Dubai.
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Photo courtesy of aitupian.com Photo courtesy of aitupian.com

A Kazakh tourist has been convicted of molesting a policewoman in Dubai for tapping her on the shoulder repeatedly, Tengrinews reports citing eTN.

Mr. Baimoldin, a 49-year-old citizen of Kazakhstan, was handed a 3-month prison term and a fine of Dhs 2,000 ($540) for assaulting another police officer when resisting arrest. He was facing up to six months in jail, but the Dubai Court of First Instance ordered the man to be immediately deported after he serves three months.

The incident occurred on December 2, 2014. According to Mr. Baimoldin, being a tourist he wanted to get to Dubai Mall and asked a police officer for directions.

Mr. Baimoldin testified to the Dubai Court of First Instance on April 21: "I wanted to get to Dubai Mall. I saw a policewoman at the station. She was talking to some other people, so I tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention, and she turned around and started yelling.” 

The policewoman, 21, claimed the defendant tapped her not once but several times. “I was talking with some people when the defendant touched my arm near my right shoulder. He asked me how to get to Dubai Mall and I pointed in the direction. Then I asked him why he touched me and he answered in his language, which I didn’t understand,” she said.

The policewoman went on saying that Mr. Baimoldin tapped her again, after which she ordered him to follow her to the police station, but Mr. Baimoldin refused to comply.

Then, her two male colleagues came to her aid and asked Mr. Baimoldin to proceed to the police station. However, the Kazakh man allegedly "pushed them away.” He also tried touching her again, she said.

Mr. Baimoldin denied all the charges but a CCTV camera showed him talking to the policewoman and touching her hand.

By Dinara Urazova

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