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German prosecutors investigate into Aliyev's purchase of mining company 12 февраля 2013, 19:12

German authorities are investigating Rakhat Aliyev over his purchase of Metallwerke Bender Rheinland GmbH mining company.
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Rakhat Aliyev. Photo courtesy of azattyq.org Rakhat Aliyev. Photo courtesy of azattyq.org
German authorities have started investigation of former ambassador of Kazakhstan to Austria Rakhat Aliyev in relation to his purchase of Metallwerke Bender Rheinland GmbH mining company, Russian Germany writes. According to the website, Aliyev has been investigated over money laundering in Germany since March 2011. “The investigation is held over Aliyev’s purchase of Metallwerke Bender Rheinland GmbH located in Gellep-Stratum. This deal was signed via Armorial Trading, a company signed by Aliyev,” the website writes. According to local prosecutor, Aliyev was not going to modernize the company and purchased it for money laundering and illegal sales of CO2 emission certificates. “The prosecutors believe that around 100 cases of money laundering totally worth 9.56 million Euro were effected via Bender company in the period from 2005 to 2007, when Aliyev lived in Austria and worked as Kazakhstan ambassador to Vienna,” the website writes. According to Russian Germany online newspaper, people close to the ex-ambassador established an initiative group in London to organize a commission for his protection. The main purpose of this commission was to counter his possible extradition to a third country. Earlier German Green Party’s MP Viola von Cramon sent a parliamentary request to German Chancellor Angela Merkel stating that German intelligence service was interested in Rakhat Aliyev. The deputy gained access to secret documents under condition of confidentiality. In her response Merkel said that the information on Aliyev was part of a “successful” operation of German intelligence service and its publication would be deleterious to its source. Nevertheless, the deputy will get a chance to read the documents in the non-disclosed location in the German parliament.

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