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Details of Kazakhstan taekwondo champion's arrest in London unveiled 02 августа 2013, 14:36

18-y.o. Kazakhstan taekwondo champion Azamat Tenizbayev is in pretrial detention pending a hearing on accusations of sexual harassment.
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Azamat Tenizbayev (L). Photo courtesy of the sportsman's personal page in VKontakte Azamat Tenizbayev (L). Photo courtesy of the sportsman's personal page in VKontakte
18-y.o. Kazakhstan taekwondo champion Azamat Tenizbayev is kept in a pretrial detention facility pending a hearing on accusations of sexual harassment, Vesti.kz writes. After being arrested while transiting London Tenizbayev pleaded guilty following an advice of the lawyer provided to him by the Kazakhstan Embassy. He did so expecting a swift deportation to Kazakhstan. Instead he was taken to a British pretrial jail and a court hearing was scheduled for him for August 23. He was on his way back from the world championship that ended on July 21 when he was arrested. So he has to spend a month in jail waiting for the first hearing. According to the bronze-winner of the Beijing Olympics and the national taekwondo coach Arman Chilmanov, when they landed in Heathrow none of the passengers were allowed to leave the plane after the 11-hour flight from the United States. The taekwondo team was supposed to connect a flight to Kazakhstan in Heathrow. "Then four police officers entered the plane and apprehended Tenizbayev. Everyone was shocked and nobody understood what was going on. We started protesting and inquiring what was wrong. Tenizbayev kept silent. Then we started arguing with the police officers. They quite aggressively asked us who we were. We explained that Azamat was a member of our team. Then we were told that a complaint was filed against Azamat. Then we were told to proceed to the transit zone for our connecting flight. We started calling the consulate and everyone we knew in England,” he said. According to Chilmanov, he and several other coaches wanted to stay in London because of the incident, but were convinced to leave by the Kazakhstan consulate. None of them had the visa and they could not leave the transit zone. If they did, they would have end up in the migration police. One of the team's members told Chilmanov that he was sitting next to Tenizbayev in the plane and new details of the incident. He told that Tenizbayev went into an argument with a young lady sitting next to him. A flight attendant came up to them as she received a complaint from a passenger -- a different lady not the one sitting next to Azamat -- who thought that the young lady was sexually harassed by the sportsman. The accusation came as a surprise for the sportsmen, they both denied that anything of such manner was going on and it seemed that the flight attendant agreed that the incident was settled. But since the police later boarded the flight it must have been that the lady who complained to the flight attendant decided to file a complaint to the police. 18.y.o. Kazakhstan sportsman was arrested in London on charges of sexual harassment . The incident happened several days ago when Kazakhstan taekwondo team was coming back from the world championship in Mexico. The team was flying to Kazakhstan via London, where the sportsman was arrested.

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