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Authorities released Kazakhstan citizen arrested for fraud in U.S. 12 марта 2012, 15:38

Kazakhstan citizen Aleksei Li has been released and allowed to continue his studies in Houston University.
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Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry. Photo by  Danial Okassov© Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry. Photo by Danial Okassov©
Kazakhstan citizen Aleksei Li, arrested for aiding and abetting money laundering, has been released and may continue his studies in Houston University. The student's lawyer Aleksei Tarassov told Tengrinews.kz about the details of Li's case. According to Tarassov, Kazakhstan citizen was arrested and in pretrial detention from December 2011 to March 2012. He was jailed for the total of 89 days and his lawyer believes that this prison term was long enough and is not going to be prolonged any further by the court. Tarassov said that the ruling on this case will be made in the end of May. U.S. General Prosecutor's Office is dealing with this case. According to Tarassov, there is an agreement with the prosecutors of South District on releasing Li. In his turn, the Kazakhstan citizen pledged guilty and cooperating on the investigation. "I can confidently state that my client (Aleksei Li) will not go back to jail and will not have to pay the penalty," Tarassov said. "89 days that he already spent in jail will be his sentence. Li's fault is small, he is a victim of the fraud scheme," he said on the phone. "According to the investigation, an unidentified person asked Li to submit his banking details, promising him good money from trading at a stock exchange. Li, however, did not receive the money and the amount of $400 thousand appeared on the criminals' account after the hackers successfully attacked a victim-company's account." Tarassov added that this money was stolen by the members of the group, who are also the citizens of Kazakhstan. According to Tarassov, one of the convicts is currently under arrest and two others fled back to Kazakhstan. The lawyer added that tens of similar cases have been reviewed in the U.S. since 2010. He said that Kazakhstan Embassy to the U.S. was aware of the latest events and that Aleksei Li was released. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that Li could have been jailed for 10 years. Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry promised to publicize more details in the nearest time. By Roza Yessenkulova

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