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American couple found giulty of raping children adopted from Kazakhstan 10 августа 2013, 12:29

The jury of Worcester Superior Court found Joseph and Linda Mayotte guilty of sexually abusing their children adopted from Kazakhstan.
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Linda Mayotte. Snapshot of ©necn.com Linda Mayotte. Snapshot of ©necn.com
The jury of Worcester Superior Court found Joseph and Linda Mayotte guilty of abusing their children adopted from Kazakhstan, Worcester Telegram & Gazette writes. The sentencing is scheduled for August 22. 50-y.o. Joseph Mayotte was found guilty of his daughter’s rape aggravated by age difference, indecent assault, assault with intent to rape, distribution of materials hazardous for a child (i.e. watching pornography) and unlawful possession of a firearm. The firearm was found in Mayottes’ house during the wife’s apprehension in 2009. 49-y.o. Linda Mayotte was found guilty of raping her adopted son, indecent assault, battery, morals offense, reckless endangerment of a child, intimidation of a witness, resisting arrest and unlawful possession of a firearm. Meanwhile, the juries found Mr. Mayotte not guilty of intimidation of a witness and his wife was found not guilty of assault with intent to rape. Linda Mayotte did not attend the hearing. According to some sources, she was apparently trying to commit suicide and was taken to a hospital. The judge revoked her bail and ordered to take her into custody upon discharge from the hospital. Joseph Mayotte’s $25,000 bail was also revoked. They will stay in custody until the sentencing. The couple’s victims were present at the verdicts return. The 17-y.o. adopted daughter started crying when the verdicts were announced. The 21-y.o. adopted son hugged Assistant District Attorney Cheryl R. Riddle who defended them in court. The victims declined to comment the verdicts. Joseph Mayotte, 50, and his wife Linda Mayotte, 49, were on trial on 26 charges each, including statutory rape of a child, indecent assault, battery on a child under 14 and incest. The now 17-y.o. girl testified against her adoptive father. She told the juries that the father started sleeping in the same bed with her when she was 8, only one month after she was adopted. According to the alleged victim, several months later Joseph started touching her inappropriately. Later the father proceeded to other forms of sexual activities with her, despite of her resistance. The day before that her brother testified that Linda Mayotte sexually abused him from 2005 to 2007.

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