Ablyazov holds two fake Kyrgyz passports

09 july 2013, 23:52
Ablyazov holds two fake Kyrgyz passports - Mukhtar Ablyazov. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Mukhtar Ablyazov. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Former head of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov who fled Kazakhstan to avoid justice had obtained fake passport registered to another persons in Kyrgyzstan, VB.kz reports citing the source in Kyrgyzstan State Registration Service.

Head of Kyrgyzstan State Registration Service Erlan Saparbayev said that the document for Nurdin Osmonov was issued to Ablyazov by the Passport Office of Alamedin region in Chu oblast. The passport had the ex-banker’s photo. Ablyazov also received another passport registered to Murat Zhamalov (born on December 15, 1965).

The first passport was issued to the exile tycoon by the employee of the State Registration Service and senior expert of the passport, visa and organizational department of Alamedin region Nurzhamal Ussenova. The documents were made with the use of a fake stamp and signatures. The woman pleaded herself guilty and was fired.

“We knew that Mr.Ablyazov and his family had several fake passports and this time it was confirmed,” BTA Bank stated. Not long ago Ablyazov’s wife was apprehended in Italy with a fake Central African passport. His wife and daughter were deported to Kazakhstan.

“Kyrgyz ID-card can be used as a basis for receiving an international passport. Using this ID Mukhtar Ablyazov can receive a passport as a political refugee in many countries,” deputy of Kyrgyzstan’s parliament Ravshan Zheyenbekov said.

It was also found during the check that the employees of the Passport Office repeatedly issued fake passports to foreigners, mainly to citizens of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Later Kyrgyzstan State Service for Countering Economic Crime initiated a criminal case for Forgery, Registration, Sales or Use of Fake Documents. 122 fake stamps of different state authorities of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia were seized during search of one of the suspects. The country’s State National Security Commission is involved in the investigation.

Kyrgyz passports were not the only fake passports that Ablyazov and his relatives possessed. In June 2013 Atyrau court issued rulings on 7 persons involved in forgery of passports for Mukhtar Ablyazov’s relatives in Kazakhstan. Three of the convicts were sentenced to 2 to 9 years in jail.

Ablyazov is accused of embezzlement of $5 billion from Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank. The businessman fled in 2009 after the criminal case was initiated against him. Ablyazov received an asylum in Great Britain. Kazakhstan requests the banker’s extradition on accusations of major fraud and siphoning off of the bank’s funds via dummy companies. According to the latest information, Ablyazov may now be in France .

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