Soldiers of Khalifat is tagged terrorist organization in Kazakhstan

30 ноября 2011, 15:55
Soldiers of Khalifat. Photo courtesy of
Soldiers of Khalifat. Photo courtesy of
Soldiers of Khalifat is tagged a terrorist organization in Kazakhstan, reports citing official representative of Kazakhstan General Prosecution Office.

“Going back to the blasts in Atyrau, we announce the following: On November 15 Prosecutor of Atyrau Oblast filed an application to Atyrau City Court asking it to acknowledge Jund al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat) international organization a terrorist organization and ban it from Kazakhstan. The organization has been acknowledged a terrorist organization and its activities are banned at the territory of our country. In this relation all persons involved in Jund al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat) will be brought to responsibility for participation in terrorist activities,” the representative said on November 30.

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