Kazakh citizen caught smuggling iPads from Germany

31 марта 2011, 02:02
Contraband Control Department and Zhetysu customs clearance point arrested a Kazakhstan citizen arriving from Frankfurt who tried to smuggle iPads past the green channel into Almaty on March 28, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Yerlan Kalymgazin, press-secretary of Almaty Customs Control Department.

When the passenger’s luggage was passing X-rays customs control personnel noticed 22 undeclared iPads.

This is not the only smuggle case however. On March 27 customs control personnel arrested a woman, also from Kazakhstan, who arrived from Istanbul carrying 11 kg of contraband jewelry, said Kalymgazin.

Both jewelry and iPads were confiscated. The contraband goods are being examined by experts.

Recently two Russians were caught by the customs control personnel in the Moscow’s Domodedovo. They were also trying to illegally bring a large number of iPad 2 from the United States.

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