Human trafficking more frequent in Kazakhstan

25 июня 2013, 19:11
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Human trafficking is becoming more frequent in Kazakhstan, reports citing head of Department for Countering Organized Crime of the Criminal Police Commission of Kazakhstan Interior Ministry Kairat Orazalin.

“We have been registering a growth in the number of crimes related to human trafficking every year. The statistics confirms the growth. Over 190 of such crimes have already been registered this year, while the total of 250 crimes were committed last year. Unfortunately, there is a growing trend,” Orazalin told the journalists after the discussion of the draft law On amendments to certain legislative acts on countering human trafficking in the Senate today.

The new draft law toughens administration sanctions for providing premises for prostitution and procuration and introduces liability for violation of the labor legislation against minors.

Representing the draft law in the Senate, Vice-Minister of Interior Yerlik Kenenbayev noted that amendments would be made to 4 acting codes as well.

“It introduces criminal liability for forcing a person into beggary or non-commercial sexual exploitation. It introduces responsibility of employers for violation of the labor legislation against minors and responsibility of persons working in healthcare (for failing to notify the authorities of persons applying with traumas, injuries and criminal abortions), responsibility for individuals and legal entities providing premises for prostitution and procuration. The Labor Code introduces restrictions on signing labor contracts with persons previously convicted of crimes against minors in human trafficking,” he said.

The latter is called to help keep convicted pedophiles away from working with children.

By Baubek Konyrov

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