Hollande says 'same targets' hit in Paris, Copenhagen attacks

16 февраля 2015, 17:18

 French President Francois Hollande said Sunday that the "same targets" were hit in the weekend attacks in Copenhagen as during the January assault in Paris that claimed 17 lives, AFP reports.

"It was the same targets that were chosen by the terrorists", said Hollande, speaking on a visit to the Danish embassy in Paris.

"We see there is a link that doesn't show there is a network but does show the terrorists are determined to hit what we are, what we represent, the values of freedom, of law, of protection that every citizen -- whatever his or her religion -- should have," the president added.

Denmark and France are both countries in mourning but with the "same desire to resist and to overcome terrorism," vowed Hollande, as he expressed his country's "solidarity" with Copenhagen.

Several parallels have been drawn between the Copenhagen attack and the killings in Paris in January, with the gunmen in both cases targeting symbols of freedom of speech, police and Jews.

Danish authorities have warned that the man suspected of carrying out the twin killings in Denmark "may have been inspired by the events that took place in Paris" between January 7 and 9.

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