Chelakh declared sane

27 июля 2012, 15:19
Vladislav Chelakh. stock photo
Vladislav Chelakh. stock photo
Vladislav Chelakh suspected of murdering 15 fellow militarymen at Arkankergen border has been declared sane, reports citing first deputy senior military prosecutor Tleu Zhangarashev.

“The results of the forensic psychiatric examination have been received. Chelakh is declared sane,” Zhangarasgev said. According to him, Chelakh met with his lawyers after the examination and made two statements. “The first statement is that he refuses to conduct investigative actions and the second is that he withdraws his plea of guilty. This is his right of defendant,” Zhangarashev said at the briefing in Usharal.

Vladislav Chelakh has been undergoing a psychological check-up from June 19 to 24 in Almaty. The period of the examination takes 30 days. However, it was prolonged because the hospital was missing some of the documents.

Vladislav Chelakh in being charged with the murder because on May 30 a border patrol unit at the Sary Bokter frontier post discovered Arkankergen border post at Kazakhstan-Chinese border burnt down and 14 out of its 15 frontier border guards dead. A nearby park ranger was also found dead shortly after. The 15th guard, 19-year-old Vladislav Chelakh, was found alive some time late. Later he confessed of killing 14 of his fellow servicemen and the ranger, blaming internal conflicts and mental breakdown for the tragedy.

By Dmitriy Khegai

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