125 websites blocked in Kazakhstan

03 октября 2011, 15:46
Photo courtesy of gzt.ru
Photo courtesy of gzt.ru
Access to 125 websites has been blocked in Kazakhstan for propaganda of extremism, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing deputy head of secretariat of Kazkahstan Security Council Tanirbergen Saidmurat Bapanuly.

According to his interview in Kazakhstanskaya Pravda, access to 125 religious-extremist websites has been blocked in Kazakhstan in a judicial proceeding. Bapanuly noted that materials for blocking another 168 similar websites are currently being prepared.

“A threat of Internet usage for spreading radical ideas is becoming wide spread. The government is working on detection and limitation of Internet distribution of materials containing signs of extremism, propaganda of terrorism and public calls for terrorist attacks,” he stressed.

20 cyber-crimes were solved in Kazakhstan in the last 6 months. Policemen note that there are more and more cases of detection of foreign websites with terrorist ideas and spreading pornography, including child one. Such resources are blocked in judicial proceedings.

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