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Korchinskiy speaks of Arlans against Cuba in Grand Finale of WSB

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Exciting 5th season of the World Series of Boxing has reached its final. Fans of boxing will see the Clash of Titans – the Astana Arlans vs Cuba Domadores - once again.

The Russian powerhouse and Mexico Guerreros also had a chance to make the grand final of the WSB season, but lost their fights.

The week opened with the semi-finals of the WSB. The undefeated Cuba Domadores faced Mexico Guerreros on May 21 and 22 in La Habana, Cuba defeating the latter 10:0. The Astana Arlans fought against the Russian Boxing Team on May 23 and 24 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan beat the Russian team 9:1.

Astana Arlans

Astana Arlans. Photo courtesy of vk.com/astana_arlans

The former Head Coach of the Astana Arlans and the current coach of the Baku Fires Sergey Korchinskiy talked with Vesti.kz reporter after the quarterfinal bouts.

Sergey Korchinskiy: The results were predictable from the beginning of the season. First, the Astana Arlans have finally united with the National Team of Kazakhstan. Second, except for Vassiliy Levit and the Croatian boxers (Hrvoje Sep and Filip Hrgovic), the Kazakh team was not chasing tickets to the Olympics. This enabled the team to rotate its boxers and brining in fresh fighters. Whereas the participants of the Olympic race were having six or seven fights in a row. It is very rough for an athlete. They did not have any breaks. Skipping a fight for any possible reason meant a withdrawal from the race for Olympic licenses.

Vesti.kz: When you worked with the Arlans, you invited members of the national team. But back then they were not at your immediate disposal. Would have it made it easier for your if the strongest Kazakhstani boxers had been available for the team?

S.K. Yes, certainly. It would have brought great results, especially on the play off stage.

V. Vassiliy Levit won the Olympic license. What is he capable of doing in the Olympic ring?

S.K. Vassiliy is at the top of his game. He has everything to become a bronze, silver or gold medalist. A lot depends on the draw. Meeting the main opponents at early stages is not good. Although his namesake from Ukraine Lomachenko wanted to face Albert Selimov in the first fight in Beijing and he did. He won the gold and the Val Barker Trophy. It all depends.

Sergey Korchinskiy. Photo courtesy of sportinfo.kz

V. What can you say about Mexico Guerreros?

S.K. The team is strong. Mexicans have competed in the WSB since the first seasons. Bouts in the play off are not new for them. They were in the semifinals before, and, I think, they want to improve their results.

V. The Cuban team has made it in the semifinals without a single loss. Are they really that strong and impossible to defeat?

S.K. The Cuban team is really strong. I consider them the strongest in the world. But it is possible to win the Cubans in the final of the tournament. They were using the same boxers throughout the season. There are more fights coming before the final. Most of the Cuban boxers have issues with weight. The busy tournament schedule has exhausted the fighters. They will be different in the final bouts. That is where it is possible to seize the moment. Fresh energy, emotional uplift and immense desire to win can be decisive factors. Nothing is impossible.

V. What did the Ukrianina Otamans lack to make it to the play off?

S.K. Boxers fighting on the international level. There must be at least one great fighter in each weight division. They have only a few great boxers.

V. Who do you see in the final? Who will become the champion this time?

S.K. I think Cuba will face Kazakhstan. The teams have 50/50 chance for the victory.

Road To Finals - Kazakhstan Astana Arlans in WSB Season V. Video © World Series of Boxing

Korchinskiy’s prediction did come true, the Wolves defeated the Russian Boxing Team in Astana. This year, the Astana Arlans have to do the impossible and snatch the Championship title back form the Cubans. Last year, the Kazakh Wolves fought against the Cuban Tamers in the dramatic Clash of Titans and lost the Championship title. The Arlans are the WSB Champions of the 3rd Season.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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