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Uma Thurman and Monica Bellucci offered to star in Kazakh movie 17 июня 2011, 11:58

Shooting of Reverse Side 2: Hunting the Phantom, a movie by Marina Kunarova, started in Almaty.
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Shooting of Reverse Side 2: Hunting the Phantom, a movie by Marina Kunarova, started in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports. Producers of Kazak movie finally named the Hollywood mega-start who will possibly act in the movie. This will be either Uma Thurman or Monica Bellucci. Both famous actresses have already read the scripts and confirmed their interest in the movie. The producers are now waiting for their replies, as renumeration is the main subject of negotiations. The amount of their pay is not unveiled but it is well-known that Uma Thurman has received $14 million for acting in her latest movie. The filmmakers will name the actress shortly. Mark Dacascos is representing Kazakhstan side in the negotiations with Thurman and Bellucci. The producers chose him as a middleman because he had already been to our country. Arrival of other Hollywood actors, Michael Madsen and Armand Assante who have already agreed to take part in the movie, is scheduled for June 18. Nikita Presnyakov (a Russian actor) has already arrived to Almaty and started working on the movie. Several episode with Sanzhar Madiyev and Nikita Presnyakov are already shot. During preparation for the shooting Sanzhar Madiyev and Kamila Yermekova, playing police officers in the movie, recieved shooting and parkour training. The movie will be shot in Almaty, Astana, Cambodia and Thailand. One third of the moview will be made of high-quality computer graphics made by Ukrainian and Hollywood designers. Stunt and parkour tricks will be used in the movie. The shooting process will last till the end of the year and the movie will be released in spring 2012. By Galiya Kaliyeva

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