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Stromae taps Kanye West in Coachella surprise

Stromae taps Kanye West in Coachella surprise Stromae taps Kanye West in Coachella surprise

 Belgium's Stromae brought in a fellow superstar from across the Atlantic, Kanye West, in a surprise Sunday on the final day of the Coachella festival, AFP reports.

Stromae was performing his dance-and-song show at the festival in the southern California desert when West suddenly appeared -- to applause -- to join "Alors On Danse," a major hit in the French-speaking world in 2009 and 2010, according to numerous social media posts.

While unannounced, the appearance had history to it as West previously recorded a hip-hop remix of "Alors On Danse" aimed at the North American market.

West a day earlier performed a surprise set of his own songs as he unexpectedly joined the Canadian R&B star The Weeknd on stage.

Coachella, one of the most influential global music festivals, is well-known for its surprise appearances, although they have generally been more common in the first of the two weekends.

On the first weekend this year, Madonna entered the stage during a performance by Drake and gave the rapper a prolonged, full-tongue kiss after singing some of her own songs.

Stromae's "Racine Caree" was the top-selling album in France in 2013 and again in 2014.

He has been winning a larger following in the United States, with well-received shows at Coachella.

He is scheduled to perform at one of the most prestigious US venues, Madison Square Garden in New York, in October.