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Piano virtuoso from Kazakhstan invited to Britain's Got Talent 05 ноября 2013, 16:28

A virtuoso pianist Oleg Pereverzev from Chick Flick band from Kazakhstan has been invited to Britain's Got Talent show.
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Oleg Pereverzev. Personal archive photo Oleg Pereverzev. Personal archive photo
Oleg Pereverzev from Chick Flick band, a virtuoso pianist from Kazakhstan, has been invited to Britain's Got Talent show, Tengrinews reports. His fist audition will take place on November 19 in London. Britain's Got Talent (often shortened to BGT) is a British television talent show competition which started in June 2007 and originated from the Got Talent franchise. Anyone of any age with some sort of talent can audition for the show. Acts compete against each other in order to gain the audience support while trying to win the title of The winner of Britain's Got Talent. Oleg Pereverzev became famous after uploading several videos of him playing classic compositions in an unusual way on YouTube. One of his videos shows him playing the Flight of the Bumblebee of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov on two instruments at the same time, another one shows his back to front performing of Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. One of his videos garnered more than one million views. The piano virtuoso was distinguished by the organizers of a Russian TV show A Minute of Fame. Pereversev failed to reach the final because a jury member Russian actor Stanislav Sadalsky slammed his first performance at the show by saying that the musician was off key. A Russian actress and presenter well-known Let's Get Married TV show Larisa Guzeyeva shared his opinion. But the Kazakhstan musician was supported and appreciated by the jury chairman, Russian TV presenter and Honored Artist Alexandr Maslyakov and Russian actor Sergei Yursky. A few months later Oleg Perevrzev was invited to participate in the Ukraina Mae Talant 5 TV show (Ukraine's Got Talent). The pianist reached the final with his creative performance, where the audience raised in applause. This time he used eight music instruments in his final show; he played the keyboards not only turning his back to them and blindfold, but reaching to them from above and sideways. Oleg is a keyboard player of Kazakhstan's Chick Flick band. The band was found in 2009 as a live-band, performing cover versions of popular hit songs. The band consists of a vocalist Aisulu Koishinova, composers Eduard Bergaliyev and Balgan Ayazbayev, the guitar player Arman Boyaubayev and pianist Oleg Pereverzev.

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