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Motor-Roller's Anna in TOP-10 of British chart 17 мая 2013, 12:13

Anna video of Kazakhstan rock band Motor-Roller made it to the TOP-10 of the British chart at BEAT100 Network. It is ranked 5th.
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Snapshot of Anna video Snapshot of Anna video
Anna video of Kazakhstan rock band Motor-Roller has made it into the TOP-10 of the British chart at the BEAT100 Network, ranking 5th after the voting, Tengrinews.kz reports. The contest had two stages of 2-week voting. It was participated by over 1 thousand music videos from around the world. Anna video was watched 12,168 times and received 2,621 votes. The video also received bonuses from music critics of the website: two silver medals for the quality of the song and the video and a bronze medal meaning that one of the juries liked the video. The video also received a gold medal from the project’s organizers for the first place by number of views in a 7-day period. According to the filmmaker Aleksander Rozanov who worked on the video, during participation in the contest he received many personal messages from musicians and other participants who appreciated the song, its quality, vocal and the video. He stressed that many of them were upset that the song was in Russian and its meaning was not clear to the English-speaking audience. The Kazakhstan music bank said that they had started working on the English version of the song that might also get a video. Anna was shot in less than one week in Saint-Petersburg in October 2012 and then well-known filmmaker Aleksander Rozanov worked on it for six months. The video tells about a classic love triangle, where the main heroine Anna is a collective female image. This is a love story about deep feelings. It is a little sad and philosophical. Motor-Roller band was created in 1993 in Almaty. The band's frontman Ilyas Autov is the founder and leader of the band and the author of almost all of its songs and lyrics. The band has release 3 CDs and several video clips. The musicians are preparing to celebrating their anniversary: Motor-Roller will turn 20 this year.

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