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Legendary American boxer Roy Jones records song about Kazakhstan 03 сентября 2015, 15:13

American professional boxer, rapper and actor Roy Jones has recorded a song about Kazakhstan.
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Roy Jones ©REUTERS Roy Jones ©REUTERS

Legendary American professional boxer Roy Jones Jr., who is also rapper and actor,  has recorded a song about Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports.

The song is called Kazakhstan, and it is part of the new album of Body Head Bangerz, the Florida based hip hop group formed by Roy Jones himself.

The album is available on iTunes, Jones announced in his Twitter. 

The song starts with the anthem of Kazakhstan. 

Roy Jones, who had recently filed for Russian citizenship, had been to Kazakhstan in December last year, where he, along with Oleg Maskayev, were invited as honored guests to the 31th International Boxing Tournament held in Karaganda city in memory of Galym  Zharlygapov, the honoured boxing coach of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. 

He then said that he was impressed by the hospitality of Kazakhstanis and promised to record a song about Kazakhstan. Well, the man fulfills his promises. 

By Assel Satubaldina


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