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Kazakhstan's Motor-Roller sang an encore at Helsinki festival 19 марта 2013, 18:39

Kazakhstan rock band Motor-Roller performed at the 14th international festival TUSOVKA in Helsinki.
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Photo courtesy of MOTOR-ROLLER MUSIC/vk.com Photo courtesy of MOTOR-ROLLER MUSIC/vk.com
Kazakhstan rock band Motor-Roller performed at the 14th international festival TUSOVKA in Helsinki, Tengrinews.kz reports. According to the front man of Motor-Roller Ilyas Autov, the audience gave the band a warm welcome awarding the rockers with ovations. After the 1-hour concert of the Kazakhstan band was over, the audience started asking the musicians to sing an encore. “To be honest, I was unsure that Finnish people will welcome our music. Nevertheless, we were welcomed very warmly. Compared to our audience that needs to be warmed up in the beginning, Finnish music fans started reacting, dancing and whistling right away. When we realized that our first song was successful, all our fears faded away and we played through concert with great pleasure,” Autov said. The festival has been held twice a year for the last 14 years: in Finland in spring and in Saint-Petersburg in autumn. Kazakhstan musicians took part in this event for the first time. “We performed on the first day. A local musician performed before us. Rock music is very good in this country and music culture is at a very high level,” Ilyas Autov said. Ilyas Autov also said that despite of the sound limitations, local sound directors made an exception for Motor-Roller. “There were sound restrictions at the festival. The sound ceiling was set to 92 decibels. Our sound director was constantly under control of the local one. But then when the crowd warmed up, he allowed us to add some more decibels,” he said. The main goal of the festival was to introduce Finnish citizens to Russian-language rock and pop music and give a chance to the Russian-language members of the audience to listen to Finnish music. The performers can take part in the festival only after an audition by the organizers or on a special invitation.

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