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Kazakhstan's Emir Baigazin among jury at Sao Paolo Film Festival 17 октября 2014, 15:25

Emir Baigazin from Kazakhstan has been chosen as a jury at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival.
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Emir Baigazin. Photo from personal archives. Emir Baigazin. Photo from personal archives.

Young and exceptionally gifted Emir Baigazin from Kazakhstan has won hearts within the international film community. His first film Harmony Lessons earned awards and praises of the juries from a great number of international film festivals. But this time, Baigazin was chosen as a jury himself for the 37th ‪São Paulo International Film Festival‬, Tengrinews reports.

Along with other influential filmmakers and cinematographers, Baigazin will choose the best film of the official selection. The jury of the film festival includes Emir Baigazin, Mania Akbari, Mariana Rondón, Marianne Slot, Murilo Salles and N.T. Binh.

The Sao Paulo International Film Festival opened for the first time in 1977. This year, around 400 films from all over the world will be presented at the film festival. In addition, Pedro Almodovar and Víctor Erice’s films will be screened along with French MK2 films.

In 2013, Baigazin himself won the Sao Paulo Film Festival with Harmon Lessons. It is not the first time Baigazin was chosen as a jury. Earlier, the Kazakh filmmaker was a member of the jury at the Swiss Film Festival Locarno and Eurasian Film Festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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