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Holdviola and Nordic Namgar bring Lyricism to The Spirit of Tengri 10 июня 2015, 18:04

Hungarian Holdviola and Buryat-Norweigian Nordic Namgar have brought a lyrical vibe to The Spirit of Tengri in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
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Holdviola. Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov Holdviola. Photo © Nikolay Kolessnikov

Hungarian Holdviola and Buryat-Norweigian Nordic Namgar have brought a lyrical vibe to The Spirit of Tengri on June 7 in Almaty, Tengrinews reports.

Holdviola performed in snow-white costumes symbolizing openness and purity. The Hungarian musicians presented a magical blend of a bagpipe and a violin. Holdviola bases its artistic work on the ancient culture of Magyar, a nomadic ethnic group that now calls Europe its home. The performance of the band became a symbolic bridge across centuries and thousands of kilometres from one Turkic nation from Central Asia to the other one living in Europe.

&ldquoIt is a truly wonderful festival with highly professional organization. We loved both days of the festival. Certainly, performing here is different from other places. We tried presenting our inner world to the audience. We prepared for a long time before the festival. It is really a huge event for us. We met and got to know a lot of musicians from different countries. We want to collaborate with them and it will most definitely affect our future artistic work,&rdquo a member of Holdviola Gál Lajos said.

Nordic Namgar brought a unique fusion of Buryat ethnic music blended with Norwegian jazz. The performance of Nordic Namgar presented the crowd with Namgar Lhasarovna&rsquos beautiful singing accompanied by Buryat yataga stringed instrument enveloped in Scandinavian rhythms. Their songs full of lyricism and meditativeness are based on ancient parables and incantations.

&ldquoThe audience is amazing. There were so many people in the crowd, that I personally was a bit nervous. We wanted to perform more and give more music to people. Everything went well and I feel peaceful at heart. This festival is one of the most unusual and young projects that nonetheless is highly professional. It expands each year. Undoubtedly, the festival has a bright future ahead,&rdquo Namgar said.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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