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Armand Assante about political parties, beshparmak and Nietzsche 07 июля 2011, 15:39

Armand Assante, who took part in the Second ASTANA International Action Film Festival, gave an interview to Tengrinews.kz.
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Armand Anthony Assante, Jr. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Armand Anthony Assante, Jr. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev©
Armand Assante, who took part in the Second ASTANA International Action Film Festival, gave an interview to Tengrinews.kz on July 3. “I think that the sense of humor distinguishes Italians from other people. They can laugh all their life and have a healthy attitude towards life, they are joyful. This is their main feature. If you are able to laugh, you connect to your inner self to make your problems get solved and help yourself. That is why there are 16 political parties in Italy. Which other country has 16 parties?” the Hollywood star with Italian origin said starting the interview with his inimitable smile. Assante is 62 and he is in good physical condition. But his secret is not in expensive gyms. “I live in a farm. I have animals and I do a lot of physical work. I raise horses, bulls, dogs,” Armand Assante told about his agricultural hobby. Speaking of demand and popularity, Assante laughed and noted that “it requires a big studio.” “If there is a studio, you will be always on top. You will be like me!” the actor said. “I was always fond of music, singing and writing. I would do one of these three things. I love music very much. Any music. Classical, rock and American folk. I love Latino music a lot. Starring in the Mambo Kings I told about everything I like,” Assante shared his memories answering the question on what he would do if he was not an actor. Vegetarians would not like culinary and gastronomic preferences of the actor. He likes meat. He liked Kazakh national cuisine a lot. “I tried beshparmak (Kazakh traditional dish made of meat and dough) many times. Like it a lot. Who eats more meat in Kazakhstan, wolves or people?” Assante joked. “I like lamb and I like Kazakh cuisine a lot,” Assante said with a blink as if remembering taste of the national dish. Speaking of his roles in the movies, Assante noted the one which left an indelible mark in his life and was difficult for him. “I played Nietzsche in one movie (When Nietzsche Wept). Each line, each word written by the author, were citing Nietzsche's works and it was quite difficult. I worked with a German translator to understand the real depth and original meaning of Nietzsche's writings. I was given a book to learn Nietzsche's story and I highlighted some paragraphs in the book. In the end they turned out to be the paragraphs given to me in the movie,” the actor shared his memories. “I think that this book is one of the most brilliant books ever written. As this is an eternal problem inside a person. Falling in love. I think this had a direct affect on the person he became, on his character. As he was always absorbed in his thoughts, never stopped thinking and lived like an anchorite. He was always questioning himself about the things he was writing about,” Assante told about his impressions. “For me he is the closest person in literature. Just like Van Gogh in painting,” he said. By Maksim Popov

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