Vincent Cassel wishes to act in Bekmambetov’s movies

10 july 2012, 15:35
Vincent Cassel wishes to act in Bekmambetov’s movies - Vincent Cassel. ©Shynar Ospanova
Vincent Cassel. ©Shynar Ospanova
French actor Vincent Cassel wishes to star in Bekmambetov’s movies. He said this at the press-conference dedicated to the III ASTANA International Action Film Festival, reports.

“I believe that it doesn’t matter whether a movie is made by a Spanish or Kazakhstan director. The most interesting thing for me is the movie itself, director’s work and the script. If these things are interesting for me I will act in the film. I wish I would act in Timur’s movies some day, because I was impressed with his film very much,” the French actor said.

Vincent Cassel also told about his Russian guy role in Eastern Promises movie and even demonstrated his Russian language skills to the journalists by saying several words in Russian. “I was playing a Russian guy who was born and brought up in London. Now we are going to make a sequel of this movie in Moscow in February next year and I think that I will have to delve into Russian language a bit more,” the actor shared his future projects with the journalists.

Vincent Cassel also told about his new projects to the media. “We have already finished working on this movie (Danny Boyle’s Trance). We have been shooting it from September to December last year. This film is A combination of hypnotic and gangster movie. Danny Boyle directed this film and he is the organizer of the Olympic Games at present. I was always attracted by negative characters and I tried to find out what does it feels like to play a bad guy. I think that the guys I played are close to those who can be seen in the real life. In the other words I am playing ordinary people from the real world. Because every person, perhaps, carries speckles of evil,” Cassel said about his last role.

According to Cassel, he has never dreamed of playing one particular role or another. He is always open to different roles and he is interested in trying something new.

“I believe that this festival (ASTANA International Action Film Festival) is young enough and it has a bright future. I could feel that Timur is very inspired and is ready to do a lot in future for promotion of this Festival. I liked the idea of inviting young filmmakers from China, Korea and Japan to participate in the event. It is a wonderful opportunity for young filmmakers to express their ideas. I think that the festival will have a bright future because Timur is full of ideas and inspiration,” the actor said.

Answering more questions Vincent said that was not difficult at all to be a husband of legendary Monica Belucci. Despite being constantly busy shooting in different parts of the world he always finds time for his family.

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