Movies selected for 8th Eurasia Film Festival in Almaty

20 августа 2012, 17:53
Movies selected for 8th Eurasia Film Festival in Almaty - Photo courtesy of
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The Selection Board of the 8th Eurasia Film Festival has announced the movies selected for the festival, reports. The total of 12 movies from Europe, South Asia, Central Asia and CIS will be screened at the festival, the board members said in a press-conference.

This year Europe will be represented by three movies: The Hunt (Denmark, 2012), The Book of Revelations (France-Poland-Germany, 2011) and The City of Children (Greece, 2011). The Hunt took part in the Cannes Film Festival. Its Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen won the best actor award for the movie. The movie’s director Thomas Vinterberg and its lead actor Mads Mikkelsen are expected to visit the Eurasia Festival. The Book of Revelations took part in Berlin Festival and The City of Children gained the title of the Best Greek Film of 2011 at Greek Film Festival in Thessaloniki.

Asia will also be represented by three movies: Poongsan (South Korea, 2011) produced by famous South Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk, Color of Sky (India, 2012) and Future Lasts Forever (Turkey, 2011).

“It is a beautiful and meditative movie,” Selection Board member Nariman Turebai said about the Turkish movie. Turebai’s movie Sunny Days was awarded for the best director’s work at the 7th Eurasia Festival in 2011.

Two CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) movies will be shown at the festival: The Convoy (Russia, 2012) that took part in Berlin Festival and The History of Gramophone (Ukraine, 2012) that will have its first night at the Eurasia Festival. According to board member and movie expert Gulnara Abikeyeva, five people of the Ukrainian movie crew are expected to come to the festival. Kazakhstan actor Azamat Nigmanov played one of the lead characters in the Russian movie.

“I haven’t seen such a harsh and honest movie for a long time. The director (Aleksey Mizgere) fearlessly speaks depicts the real today's Russia,” another board member and filmmaker Damir Manabay said about The Convoy.

Central Asia will be represented by four movies: Presumed Consent (Russia-Tajikistan, 2011) that took part in Warsaw Film Festival, Parizod (Uzbekistan, 2012) that shows the problems in treatment of women in modern Uzbekistan, The Student (Kazakhstan, 2012) that took part in this year's Cannes Festival and Kishkentay (Kazakhstan, 2012) that shows adventures of a young man who comes to a big city from a village.

Speaking of Kishkentay, Manabai noted the skills of its director. “Daniyar Salamat showed such a good taste, such love for words and good acting. The movie doesn’t show big problems, but it is a very poetic reflection of our existence,” Manabay said.

Besides the listed movies, the film festival will include 16 Kazakhstan movies. 12 of them are part of a non-contest program called Dynamic Kazakhstan Movie.

Eurasia Film Festival will be held in Almaty on September 17-22. The jury will be chaired by German filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen famous for his movies Troy, The Perfect Storm and Poseidon. Film director Amir Karakulov will take part in the jury from Kazakhstan’s side.

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