Motor-Roller's song became anthem of Saint-Petersburg fighter for free education

02 октября 2011, 10:00
Motor-Roller band. Photo courtesy of
Motor-Roller band. Photo courtesy of
A song of Kazakhstan rock-band Motor-Roller became the anthem of public organizations in Saint-Petersburg, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports. Song About War was the best at the contest called New songs about main war. The song of Kazkahstan rockers was translated into English, German and Kazakh languages.

Lead singer of Motor-Roller Ilyas Autov gave his comments to He said that three days ago he was contacted by a coordinator of thr Russian association called “Saint-Petersburg Group of Civil Initiative for Free Secondary Education” Konstantin Belov. He found the musician in Russian social network Vkontakte and asked for his permission to use the Song About War.

"Mister Belov introduced himself and asked to use our song as the anthem of their organization. Actually, I wouldn't allow this to anybody else. But when I heard that the organization is fighting for free and high-quality education, I agreed immediately,” the singer said.

Autov also said that he found continuation of the Song About War on the Internet recently. He could not find the authors of the text, as they appear under different nicknames on the Web.

You can watch and listen to the song on our website or watch it with English subtitles on Motor-Roller's YouTube.

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