Islamic TV Assyl Arna to broadcast nationwide in Kazakhstan

06 октября 2011, 11:21
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Kazakhstan residents will soon be able to watch Islamic TV channel Assyl Arna as a part of the nationwide TV network. Assyl Arna is a new channel and has no analogues in any CIS countries. Its application to become part of the national network has been submitted and is now being considered, reports, citing the administration of Almaty central mosque.

The first educational Islamic TV channel Assyl Arna started broadcasting on the first day of the Muslim Holy month of Ramazan, on August 1. Now the channel in Russian and in Kazakh are available 24 hours a day in cable net only for Almaty and Almaty oblast's residents.

Assyl Arna channel was established to promote religious education and to support human values and morale principles. The channel is targeted on multiple audiences: for children and teenagers, men and women and for elderly people. The channel has purchased a lot of Kazakhstan-made and foreign cartoons and documentaries to help Kazakhstan residents learn about other Muslim countries and the history of Islam.

“Inclusion of Assyl Arna TV channel into the nationwide TV network is a vital issue for us. Assyl Arna is available for all Internet users now. Any user can watch it online at Asylarna.kzour official website," Almaty central mosque administration said.

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