Anshy Bala got The Best Foreign Drama Award in USA

30 марта 2012, 18:15
"Anshy Bala" film frame.
"Anshy Bala" film frame.
Anshy Bala (The Hunter Boy) movie won The Best Foreign Drama Award in International Family Film Festival in Hollywood, reports, referring to Kazakhfilm Studios' press-office.

The Festival was held on March 21-25 in Raleigh Studios. According to Festival's organizers the goal of the event to help form the peaceful global community by finding interesting stories made by international film studios and directors and showing them during the Festival.

Anshy Bala movie is directored by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov. Earlier he wrote the script for The Dash film and made Before the Thunderstorm movie jointly with a Japanese director.

Anshy Bala comedy tells the story of a city boy, who has to live a steppe life that is very unusual for him, when his parents took him to a remote village to his grandfather for vacations. The Kazakhstan movie will be released in June 2012.

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