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Serial production of electric vehicles in Kazakhstan postponed 01 апреля 2015, 00:40

Serial production of electromobiles has been postponed for an unspecified period of time, though promises were made of a quick launch.
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Serial production of electromobiles in Kazakhstan has been postponed, albeit promises to launch it in December last year, a Tengrinews correspondent learnt this from Asia Auto car assembly plant president Yerik Sagymbayev.

"Now is not the most favorable climate for launching new conceptual models on the market. Electromobiles are more expensive than traditional cars. Besides, the consumers lack appropriate infrastructure (charging stations). Therefore, the exact date of the launch of electromobiles into mass production has not been determined yet,” Sagymbayev said.

Back in October 2014, the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan declared that by the end of that year, the assembly line of Ust-Kamenogorsk assembly plant Asia Auto will see its pilot electrictromobiles brought to light. These vehicles were to have a running distance of up to 200 kilometres between charges.

Sagymbaev, in turn, noted that they released the first pilot vehicle in December 2014. It was reported that experts were testing the car in an urban setting, and then, around April 2015 will decide on whether to start mass production of electric vehicles in Kazakhstan.

Now he says that the final decision on the use of electromobiles has not been reached.

“We continue to test the pilot bunch of cars, which we assembled at the end of last year. The tests of cars in winter period went well; no problems in operating the cars in our low temperatures have been identified. However, a final decision on the feasibility of running the project has not yet been made. This is a major factor,” Sagymbayev said.

Reporting by Vladimir Prokopenko, writing by Dinara Urazova


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